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Some road safety rules in Quebec

A driver must indicate their intention

Of passing or changing direction otherwise they may be faced with a 60$ fine.

If a bus driver

Activates their turn signal in order to go back onto the road they were using before stopping has priority inside a city.

Consuming alcoholic beverages

Inside a vehicle is prohibited even if the vehicle is immobilized. This could lead to a fine of up to 600$.

No driver is to drive too slow

To hinder or impede normal flow of traffic unless it is for safety reason or out of necessity.

Turning right at a red light

Is prohibited in Quebec where a road sign indicates so. If a person turns where it is not allowed they could be faced with a fine of 100$-200$ (plus 3 demerit points and all additional fees).

The road safety code prohibits on all roads

Excessive speeding or all reckless driving that could potential put others’ safety, property or life in jeopardy.

Pedestrians have priority

When they cross a road at a recognized crossing. The omission to immobilize a vehicle in those circumstances could lead to a fine of up to 60$. The fine could reach up to 200$ if the pedestrian was crossing on a green light.

Radar detectors

Are prohibited to have in a vehicle no matter how it got there.