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In the event of an accident

Involving an automobile, the SAAQ indemnifies all residents of Quebec who have sustained injuries, be it the driver or passenger, cyclists, pedestrians, and this, no matter where the accident occurred in the world.

The first driver

Arriving at the scene of an accident must park their vehicle safely on the shoulder of the road about thirty meters behind where the accident occurred. This driver must signal the accidents to other incoming driver by activating their hazard lights. Ask two people to act as flagman, far enough from the accident and in an adequate place for other driver to see them from both directions. Make sure to turn off the engines of the cars involved in the accident and make sure no one is smoking close to the accident due to the risk of explosion. Provide help to anyone that may be injured if you have adequate training. Otherwise, avoid manipulating anyone. Never move an injured person, unless there is imminent danger such as collision or fire. Contact the police to inform them that there has been an accident.

The road safety code also specifies that the driver

Of a vehicle circulating on the road that is involved in an accident must stay on the scene of the accident. Provide the necessary assistance to anyone who has sustained injuries. Contact a police officer if anyone has been injured and provide them with written information regarding their name, address, the registration certificate and number as well as proof of insurance.

Accident with an empty vehicle

With an inanimate object or an animal of more than 25kg. If the owner of previously mentioned belonging cannot be reached, the driver must communicate, as early as possible, with the closest police station and must provide them with all the pertinent information regarding the accident.

An accident causing only material damage