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Montreal International Driving School


Montreal International Driving School is an institution that specializes in road safety education. Therefore, its primary mandate is to provide, to all aspiring drivers, all the necessary technical competencies of driving but furthermore, the personal and psychological competencies that will make them safe and courteous drivers on the road.


Train driver and aware technically competent, responsible and aware of the importance of knowing and applying, at all times, on all roads and in all circumstances, the best defensive driving rule.

Our school offers driving lessons, both practical and theoretical, to clients between the ages of 16 and 84 years old, from varying cultures and backgrounds, for all types of driving vehicles, from classes 1 to 6. Although our business prioritized and developed over the years an expertise in training city bus drivers, about 100 students training at our school leave with their permit every year. Montreal International Driving School has trained approximately 1200 bus drivers in the past 25 years and the pass rate is very high.

Montreal International Driving School also offers specific training programs, refresher and defensive driving courses to multiple employees of many different businesses. To name a few in the past few years, there has been Shell, Pepsi, the Montreal Casino, the ministry of fauna, justice and transport of Quebec, movie production company SDA, SECUR, DIEBOLD and more…

Situated right in front of bus terminal #16 Graham, #119 Rockland, #165 Côte des Neiges, and within walking distance of Mount Royal train station and Namur metro station, Montreal International Driving School is easily accessible with public transportation.

Human and material resources

Our staff is carefully selected with the belief that each student taking part in a program at Montreal International Driving School must benefit from quality learning which the school and staff have a mandate to provide.

All monitors and instructors are, of course, selected because of their academic qualification, but mostly because they adhere to the values that are so important to our school and they have a feeling of belonging to the team.

Consultation and participation mechanisms are in place and the team is always involved when it comes to implementing new pedagogical methods and is invited to participate in all decision making regarding where the school is going, new ways of teaching, ways of evaluating.

The school administration assures their monitors and instructors are provided with all the support they may need in their work function in order to provide the best learning environment.
The school is run by its owner, Mr. Marc Abelly, who detains a Master degree in Education (school administration) , a high school teaching licence as well as a Baccalaureate degree in Education from the University of Montreal. On top of all his experience in education and direction of schools of the Montreal school board, Mr. Abelly is a qualified master of driving instructor in defensive driving and was accepted by the Canadian Security Council as well as the Ministry of Transport (Road Safety Services) to train instructors for teaching, across Quebec, in defensive driving. He also detains a permit as certified instructor, monitor-instructor and actively gives training to aspiring STM bus drivers.

Montreal International Driving School has been located at the same address for over 31 years. Our office is comprised of two offices and two clean and well-disposed classrooms. All classrooms are provided with desks for 15 students as well as all the audio-visual equipment required for the projection of documents and enough computer to allow for the functioning of large or small groups for theoretical classes. The school is able to provide students a great environment as well as great instructors for both practical and theoretical learning for future drivers.

We have been associated with the STM since the first call for proposals in 1991 for the training of aspiring bus drivers. Montreal International Driving School is proud of the quality training it has provided in the past 25 years to over 1200 STM bus drivers.


You can now contact the SAAQ directly for any request concerning :

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