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Demerit points

To be able to drive in Québec is a privilege

It is not a right. To be able to keep this privilege, one must respect the code of road safety. Without doing so, one can be faced with fines and demerit points. In Quebec, demerit points are cumulated. This being said, a driver starts with zero demerit points. If they commit an offense, points will then be added to their file. Once a driver reaches 15 demerit points, their licence is revoked. After the revoked period has passed, the person must pass a theoretical examination in order to obtain their permit again.

Once the holder of a learner’s licence or probationary licence

Accumulates four demerit points, their licence is revoked for a three-month period and three months will be added to their learning or probation. There is a zero tolerance for driving under the influence for those holding a learner’s licence or a probationary licence. If such an offense is committed, the licence will accumulate four demerit points, their permit will be revoked for three months and they will have a fine between 300$ and 600$.